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Source and destination countries of migrants returning to and leaving from Egypt

Visit our “Returning to Egypt” and “Leaving from Egypt” pages to see an interactive map visualizing migration journeys, migrant profiles, and the types of assistance provided.

The below data counts returns to Egypt from 2011 to the present and returns from Egypt from 2013* to the present.
*2013 'from Egypt' data is partial.

  :To Cairo,   : From Cairo

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  • Posted on: 2019/11/07 12:05

    Mahmoud is a man who wanted to work. He lived his life wanting to help and support those around him, be it family or friends. His journey to Italy was a part of this drive to provide and support, never one to shy away from gainful employment, he worked any and all jobs that were available to him. Whether it be in kitchens cooking and cleaning or in farms harvesting and planting, he brought that work ethic to all his responsibilities. Supporting his family in Egypt he made sure his children and extended family were always taken care of. After 16 years of hard work and providing, age and time had taken their toll on him. Living alone is hard and in our old age we should all be allowed our well earned rest and time to enjoy with those who we work and toil so hard for. So in that spirit Mr. Mahmoud decided that he wished to return home and live with his children, father and brother. Stepping into the IOM office in Rome, he entered the AVRR program and was provided a way to get his rest, and reunion with a family he had not seen in years. Returning to Egypt on collaboration with IOM he partnered and enlarged his brothers existing auto parts business in so having a place of work were he could feel in charge, supporting his family and getting that sought after rest and comfort while at the same time feeling fulfilled.

  • Posted on: 2019/9/29 07:36

    “I wouldn’t put my family or any of my children through this again. I had the worst experience of my life and I’m grateful that I am back now with my family. The income that we have might not be great, but we have each other. “

  • Posted on: 2019/9/15 05:01

    Having to leave your country is very difficult, especially if you are separated from your family and have no idea of their whereabouts. That is what happened to Elizabeth, a 49-year-old Nigerian woman.

  • Posted on: 2019/2/06 03:39

    A migrants journey to provide

  • Posted on: 2018/11/22 03:33

    Not all stories are a immediate monetary success, but with the right amount of determination people can find their way to move mountains, help themselves and those around them.

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AVRR Egypt is composed of our core support teams that work tirelessly to support the return and reintegration of migrants. If you would like to contribute or request more information about this programme, please get in touch with us via , or .

Data from 2011 – 2015 includes Return only. Data from 2016 – 2018 includes Return and Reintegration.

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