The resilient

Posted on: 2018/5/10 07:45

From not being able to maintain himself in Egypt, to becoming a entrepreneur in Sudan, Mr. Hassan went through a lot to support his family financially.

Mr. Hassan (the name of our protagonist has been changed) came to Egypt in January 2017 looking for a better future for him and for his family. However, things didn’t go as he expected. Mr. Hassan situation in Egypt was very difficult, because he was working three days per week only. Besides, the income was not enough to cover his livelihood expenses.

Mr. Hassan’s wife and mother in Sudan needed his financial support as they were depending on him, and from his situation here, unfortunately he was not able to support them. One year later, Mr. Hassan discovered that there is no need to stay in Egypt as he is not even able to cover his own expenses. But even after understanding that, he didn’t have the means to return back to Sudan. That's when he was informed about the Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration programme implemented by IOM, so he decided to approach IOM requesting its assistance. As stranded migrant in Egypt, IOM assisted Mr. Hassan with both return and reintegration assistance.

After returning to Sudan, Mr. Hassan decided to use the reintegration assistance in an income generating project and sell spare parts for “Tuk-tuk” (also called ricksha).However, Mr. Hassan was in an area where there is no need for such business. Mr. Hassan thought about a better mean to meet his need and his family needs. He did a market survey and discovered that the market is need of plastic bags.

Mr. Hassan changed the business plan and bought the needed machines to manufacture plastic bags. Mr. Hassan new business is now fully operational and he was finally able to support his family.

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Data from 2011 – 2015 includes Return only. Data from 2016 – 2018 includes Return and Reintegration.

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