A Cycle of Employment

Posted on: 2018/7/03 07:53

“It gave me the most viable solution to return back to live beside my parents without struggling a lot in the process.”

Travelling to Europe in the 1990s, Hassan embarked on a quest to become the architect of his own life. Taking charge of his destiny, he left the home he was born and raised in for a new, hopefully greener pasture. After overstaying his visa in the EU, he sought legal assistance to find a more stable residency Hassan worked in Europe for over twenty years, trying every sector imaginable: from serving coffee to retail. But the long stay took its toll on him, having so far away from home and family, he often dreamt of returning home to Egypt. Missing his home and family, Hassan decided to seek support to return home. After careful consultation with friends, family, and IOM, Hassan settled on a plan to begin a new business in Etai El Baroud, his hometown. Having decided to return to his rural roots, he invested time working on his plans for reintegration, researching the market environment for a duration of 4 months and gathering as much information on the requirements for opening a poultry farm. At the start, he worked in partnership with his brother, and though it was not as successful as they had anticipated, it proved to be a solid starting point. With each new crop of chickens, Hassan succeeded in improving his management of the farm-it reflected in his income as it gradually increased. Reinvesting his profits, Hassan expanded his farm further, and along with his experience, it grew and prospered. Today the farm is not only a source of income for Hassan and his business partners, but also acts as a source of gainful employment for the local community, employing two labourers and indirectly supporting others including a driver, a young carpenter, and a recycling team. While he does at times miss his life in Europe, he is still proud that he managed to build a profitable buisness at home, close to his family and roots. “It gave me the most viable solution to return back to live beside my parents without struggling a lot in the process.”

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Data from 2011 – 2015 includes Return only. Data from 2016 – 2018 includes Return and Reintegration.

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