From Ceramics to International Trade

Posted on: 2018/8/02 05:14

An example of what it means to dream big and use determination to achieve ones goals

Having been unable to live a sustainable life in Egypt Hassan had decided to take what meager funds that he had and migrated to Libya. Working in Libya for 2 months and trying to save up his earnings to move on he had traveled to Italy with the greater objective of moving to Holland, but with the financial stresses and the inability to find work in any sustainable way, Hassan found himself in Switzerland. Even then he had not given up, working simple jobs in ceramics and trying to make ends meet, but with a lack of documentation for residency and honest work, he found that this was unsustainable. Upon his return to Egypt, Hassan had decided that this was a chance in a lifetime to fulfill his ambitions, with a staggering level of ambition Hassan had chosen fulfill his dreams of becoming a real entrepreneur. Drawing upon his specific interests and knowledge with the addition of known connections, he sought to tap into the Egyptian fruit export market. A truly ambitious endeavor Hassan sought to use his reintegration grant to purchase in Egypt a container of assorted fruits, in seasonal demand in neighboring Jordan and selling them to wholesalers in Jordan. This was truly a large scale endeavor that Hassan sees potential in, using the profits from the first sale to create a real cycle of business that will allow him to finally feel financial security.

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