A Forty Five Day Dream

Posted on: 2018/1/21 01:45

"You raise and feed your animals for months, and in one day you lose everything as a result of corrupted medicine. You start questioning the way you earn your living.”

Nour, a passionate man in his thirties with ten years of experience in the field poultry farming, found himself in a market full of corruption in the aftermath of the 25th of January Revolution. The corrupted medicine market in the poultry business destroyed his and many others’ poultry farms, and with it their livelihoods.

Unable to provide for his family, Nour felt there was nothing left to lose, and the prospect of so much to gain if he could start over somewhere new—somewhere with thriving labour markets, strong currency, and reasonable wages. He booked an airplane ticket to Turkey in 2014, where he worked in a sugar factory. Although his life was stable, his ultimate goal was Italy, where he believed he could find the economy, job demand, and wages he had come to Europe in search of. Smugglers would allow him to pay for his journey after reaching Europe if he went by boat, so after sixteen months in Turkey, Nour packed up and left. In only four hours they had left Turkey and landed in Europe—but not the part of Europe Nour had hoped for. He was stuck in the Greece with no path to Italy and very limited opportunities to earn income.

After one month there, Nour began think about how to go home to Egypt. Through recommendations by friends he approached IOM Greece, where he was able to receive assistance in returning to Egypt and was given a reintegration grant to be used upon his return. Once back in Egypt, he bought 10,000 chicks, and in only 45 days they were worth a profit of more than 500 USD. Nour, finally reunited with his family and able to sustainably provide for them, stated: "My wife is thanking God that her husband started earning a decent income and is living with his children […] the reintegration grant absolutely gave me a push forward to re-start my old business in poultry farming.”

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