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Source and destination countries of migrants returning to and leaving from Egypt

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The below data counts returns to Egypt from 2011 to the present and returns from Egypt from 2013* to the present.
*2013 'from Egypt' data is partial.

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  • Posted on: 2017/11/14 01:06

    For Ahmed Ghazy, migration seemed an inevitable part of finding success and promising opportunities. This led him to the Netherlands, where he believed economic prosperity was a matter of dedication and hard work. These notions were quickly called into question when, despite his work ethic, he found himself in the Netherlands with an expired visa, no residency, and no regular means of employment.

  • Posted on: 2017/11/06 01:24

    “Come back to Italy with me.”

  • Posted on: 2017/10/15 03:04

    Yusuf traveled to Egypt from Nigeria in 2012 to attend university.. After being joined by his wife in 2014, they had their first son.

  • Posted on: 2017/9/20 04:37

    Faisal* , a young Nigerian student, came to study Arabic at Egypt's Al-Azhar University. After several years, before his period of study ended, he needed to find a suitable job in order to make a living. His only sources of income came from informal means, in addition to support from his community and a small scholarship from the Higher Islamic Council. Soon after he had started studying, Faisal’s wife Iman , joined him in Cairo. Towards the end of Faisal’s study, Iman’s parents bought her a ticket to return to Nigeria. Faisal couldn’t even think about buying a ticket for himself, since he was struggling to make a living, and so the couple were separated by their circumstance.

  • Posted on: 2017/8/30 05:10

    With the lack of access to local sustainable economic opportunities, coupled with almost inexistent possibilities for regular migration, many Egyptians revert to migrate irregularly with the help of smugglers. The causes and roots of this phenomenon are multi-dimensional. It is not only the economic situation that pushes them to undertake such a risky journey but also the cultural and social struggles they face.

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