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Source and destination countries of migrants returning to and leaving from Egypt

Visit our “Returning to Egypt” and “Leaving from Egypt” pages to see an interactive map visualizing migration journeys, migrant profiles, and the types of assistance provided.

The below data counts returns to Egypt from 2011 to the present and returns from Egypt from 2013* to the present.
*2013 'from Egypt' data is partial.

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  • Posted on: 2018/1/21 01:45

    "You raise and feed your animals for months, and in one day you lose everything as a result of corrupted medicine. You start questioning the way you earn your living.”

  • Posted on: 2018/1/10 04:07

    Today, Abdel Hamid dreams of living the rest of his days in Egypt and spending his time with his two young children in peace and prosperity, but only a year ago Mr. Hamid was still in the midst of his international journey through Turkey, Greece, and the dangerous waters of the Mediterranean.

  • Posted on: 2017/12/17 03:48

    At age 18, Mr. Estafnouse set out for Europe, hoping to find work opportunities and a better future. He was a passionate, hardworking, and enthusiastic man determined to overcome any challenge that came his way.

  • Posted on: 2017/12/07 12:26

    For Refat Faltus, two things matter as he sets out to his grocery store every morning: serving his neighbors and the families around his shop, and working with a smile. A quiet, dignified man from Suhag in Upper Egypt, his growing business nestled in a family-centric neighborhood in Egypt belies the far-flung journeys of the man behind the humble grocery store and generous smiles.

  • Posted on: 2017/11/23 07:34

    Sherif originally hails from Alexandria, Egypt. He was driven to migrate to Europe out of severe financial hardship, which made it practically impossible for him to marry the woman he loved. Believing his best chances at financial independence and success to lay outside his native land, Sherif migrated to the Netherlands in 2001, where he hoped he would be able to gather the necessary financial resources to start his married life within three years of his arrival.

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