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Source and destination countries of migrants returning to and leaving from Egypt

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The below data counts returns to/from Egypt from 2011 to the present.

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  • Posted on: 2017/8/10 12:18

    Baby Ayla was stranded in Egypt after her mother's life came to an unexpected end.

  • Posted on: 2017/7/17 01:28

    Fathy was able to create a prosperous future for both him and his family.

  • Posted on: 2017/7/03 08:36

    Fatima* is a Sudanese woman, who is the breadwinner of her whole family, including the sick mother and younger siblings. Unable to find a suitable job at home, she decided to migrate to Egypt.

    Once Fatima voluntarily expressed interest to return to Sudan, IOM presented her with the option of Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration.

  • Posted on: 2016/11/29 01:00

    We all know that timeless saying: “Old is gold”. This was quite literally the case for Mr. Beshoi Abdallah, whose old fortune lied in the gold markets of Egypt until the year of 2011. His family had been in the gold trading business for several decades, but as luck would have it, the family-run store was broken into and robbed in the aftermath of the January 25th revolution.

    Cracking underneath the strain of a worsening economic situation and the deterioration of his mother’s health condition, Mr. Beshoi and his family decided to leave Egypt and head out in search of a second chance to eke out a better standard of living for themselves

  • Posted on: 2016/11/01 10:56

    Barikisu's story is a unique and striking. Her migration story highlights the importance of persevering in adversity. Perseverance. It is the fuel that drives the human engine beyond all seemingly insurmountable ordeals in life. It is the state of continuing to exist in spite of all the difficult circumstances we may encounter on our journey in and out of this world. As human beings, our ability to persevere defines our capacity to positively impact our future, and nowhere is this philosophy more evident than in the individual stories of migrants, who have been able to transform their grim present into a promising future.

    This is the story of Barikisu; a woman who hails from the Upper West region of Ghana. She had initially set out to start a family, but after the father of her child refused to marry her, Barikisu found herself struggling to make ends meet. Her elder sister had returned from Egypt to Ghana for a holiday and encouraged her to issue a passport claiming that she had a medical condition requiring treatment. Facing economic pressures, Barikisu accepted this offer and decided to spend all her money in order to buy herself out of Ghana. She used her life savings to pay for the visa and plane ticket.

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